Carnevale (Carnival)

it’s Carnevale Festival once again here in Milan. last year it’s so rainy, so we didn’t have the chance to watch the parade or enjoy the feast. it’s almost 3pm and my son’s counting the hours since morning. he’s not much excited for the parade, but more on the thought that we will go to luna park after we strolled around piazza Duomo, where the parade ends and a carnevale program was set near the Duomo church.
from piazza Cairoli where we landed, we just need to walk to reach piazza Duomo. i had fun glancing at the many kids in different costumes. even the babies (who would never know what the hell is going on around them) are in their cute costumes. my son didn’t wear his. “non vuole mamma” (don’t want mamma). so he’s just dressed as he is. my daughter though is “into” her flower fairy thing all day.

coming across piazza Cordusio…a long passage full of air from under, kids are enjoying throwing away “coriandoli” (confettis). mom bought one bag of coriandoli for Jaki. 1 euro for a small plastic, 2euro for bigger one. so it means you’re actually flying away your 1 euro on the air for each small bag. anyway, kids didn’t mind how much that costs, but how much joy they will get when they see the confettis flying over the blast of air.

heading up in piazza Duomo, it was so crowded. i mean, it’s like sardines, only in giant can. i even don’t have chance to shoot that big temperature machine exhibited on our way. too many people around.

pics and pics…my hub is then craving. we just meet him at piazza cairoli when he finished his wok, so it almost 4:30pm and time for snack at least. i want to eat “frittelli” (practically, tastes like doughnut, but it’s flat and so crunchy). but looking at the line for fritelli, i guess when it’s my turn, it will be dinner already. so we scouted at McDonald’s..oh ow, so full. Spizzico..for pizza, full too. last resort, “ciambella” (doughnut)! that will do. i love doughs.
we headed back to Castello Sforzesco (castle) ‘coz the luna park is just inside. but, we ate first and sit near the fountain outside the castle.

walking to the castle, i saw that giant statute of madame butterfly. still, people crowded so i just have a quick (uncentered) shot of Jaki before i loose my balance just to click the cam. i don’t know who’s pushing who.

there it was, the luna park. Jaki never miss this thing. don’t know what it’s called. every ride is called “giostra”. mom treat him with 4 tickets. the 4th one Jaki got another free ride when he reached the pompom thing. he never complained of his dizziness anyway.

it’s almost 6:30pm, my brother Jun and my husband enjoyed the horse race. they didn’t win. me and my son tried one game. he’s the last one, i’m the second to the last. poor us. it’s hard to shoot the ball to keep the horses running.
anyway, Jaki consolate himself by jumping and hopping on the big trampaulin.

i never dare myself ride that “tappetto volante”(flying carpet) thing…

we also tried the rouletee. my brother won a dog figurine. of course my daughter Zendra robbed that. she likes dogs. my son won an Inter FC (italian soccer team) scarf and he’s so happy about it. an Inter fan (like my hub and the rest of the household). I’m for Juventus though.

we waited for 20 minutes (what the…?) for the bus. when the bus arrived it was so loaded.
even an ant would deny a passage, hahaha. so we decided to wait for another one. after 3 minutes, an empty bus arrrived. lucky us! we were sitted like kings and queens.
we arrived at about 8pm. after dinner, i scouted over the decathlon bag that my hub bought for me, zendra and jaki: sporty stuffs.
well, that one’s another story.

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