Milan Carnevale (preview)

It’s time for Carnevale! This morning, we all three had fun fitting costumes and dyaraaaaaaan!
presenting Jaki… batboy!

Zendra’s costume, courtesy of my cousin Madel. i just added up the wings, to look like she’s the fairiest flower fairy. =)
who’s that wearing a mask? hahaha. it’s their mamma…improvising a “star queen” effect. the mask is hand-made by my son Jaki from school. then, i rolled over my kid’s sheets full of smiley stars, makin’ it some sort of a gown. put a belt and necklace and dyaraaaaaan! šŸ™‚

Zendra escaping out of the house…
she’s not scared of the mask..hence, curiousity wants her to squeeze my nose

later we’ll be watching the Carnevale parade. hope it will not rain.
the adventure continues…

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