Zendra’s Bravery

it’s my daughter Zendra’s vaccination for morbillo-rosolia (german measles) and we got the 2pm appointment. as usual, we always arrive early prior to the said time. we got out of the house at about 1:40 pm. the consultorio pediatrico (kids’ clinic) is just two blocks away from our home, so it would only take 5 minutes for us to walk.
my son Jaki is on vacation so he’s with us too. Zendra has no idea she’ll encounter a needle again. she was excited to go out. once she’s dressed up, she will be standing near the door and tries to open it. only she’s still so small to reach the door handle.

when we arrived the doctors are still eating their lunch on the other room and asked me “che l’ora il tuo appuntamento”? (what’s your appointment time). i said, we’re early for the 2pm, so we’ll just stay at the waiting room.

Zendra saw lots of toys and get so excited. maybe if she knew she’ll have her vaccine, she wouldn’t even bother to play around. 🙂

Jaki joined her little sister and i just had fun capturing them at my cp. little blurry though. never mind.

almost 1:55pm. Zendra is nearing to her challenge of bravery…

the doctor’s calling us. ready Zendra?

heading to the doctor’s room, my daughter saw many pictures of babies and right away she keeps on shouting “Ba-Ba…Ba-ba” means baby. so the two women doctors giggled at her. called her “monellina” (little girl). the doctor asked me to put Zendra on the examination bed and checked her up: heartbeat, ears, eyes, and mouth. all is well. weighing and measuring is not their assignment. they have another schedule for it. Mondays and Fridays @ 10-11am.

i was about to get rid of my daughter’s stockings, when the doctor said, “no, lascia cosi” (no, leave it that way). the vaccine will be on her left arm, not in her legs anymore. oh, i see. she just asked me to hold Zendra’s feet, while the other doctor hold her other arms, so the other one could administer the vaccine. Zendra cried, not because of the needle she saw, but the way we imprisoned her. poor baby…she might be thinking, “why the hell are you squeezing me?”
in a split of seconds, the injection is done. put a band-aid and voila! Zendra stop crying. if i have a stop watch, i could measure her soft cry at about 30 seconds. real brave…

we were asked to stay for about 20 minutes…at least to make sure everything’s fine after the vaccine. so my daughter played again in the waiting room, as if she was never been injected at all.

She’s braver than her “Kuya” (big brother) Jaki. everytime i bring Jaki for vaccine…starting from the very second we sat down at the waiting area, he was already in agony. too scared.

The sun started to shine when we got out of the clinic, so i decided to bring the kids to the nearby park.

Oh ow…the park was closed, with a sign: “Chiusa per manutenzione” (closed for maintenance). Jaki sighed and just drink at the tap fountain nearby for consolation. we just go home, minding each of our businesses: Jaki with his pokemon cards, Zendra with her teletubbies and me on the pc.

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