Zendra’s Thursday

i didn’t have much sleep last night because zendra kept on bugging me about her pink jacket. she wanted to wear it so bad. she knows now that if i put her a jacket she’ll be going out. “tong batang ito, hilig gumala” (this little one is fond of going out), i uttered. she kept on crying and it’s almost 12 midnight. “isuot mo na nga lang, pag nainitan yan aalisin din nyan” (just put it on, if she feels hot she’ll remove that), my husband told me. so i put the jacket on and she was satisfied. she literally slept with her winter jacket. i tried two times to get rid of it before she sweats, but she still fights for it. the heater is now killing us inside the room. we can’t turn it on or off because it’s centralized. it just turns on at 6am, and off at 11pm automatically. almost all the buildings in Milan are centralized. too seldom you’ll find a house with an individual heating system. so we always leave the window a bit open for some air. i’m still watching a film starring Jennifer Lopez (Angel Eyes). almost 1am. nothing else to watch on wednesday night. friday is a better day, we got CSI and 11th hour on prime time tv. it’s only about 2am that i get to remove the jacket from zendra without waking her up. . then i sleep.

i decided to bring along zendra with me when i drop my son, Jaki in school. it’s a sunny thursday and not so cold. so i dressed her up..pretty in pink! it’s still early, so i turned on the dvd and let her watch first teletubbies. she learned the “ciao-ciao” (hello) thing from Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po: the 4 teletubbies character.
during my time, it’s just sesame street, flintstones and disney cartoons. still in black & white when i was at pre-school. (am i that old?) =)
i always set the dvd in italian language ‘coz the english is so very british, and i guess she’ll better be used also of italian language so she’ll never be silent when she goes to day care school. anyway, we talk tagalog at home. she understands both now.
Jaki on the other room is busy too with his tom and jerry cartoons. “mamma, ho dvd di questo, l’ho gia visto” (mamma, i have a dvd of this, i saw it already) and i kept wondering why kids will have to watch 50 times the cartoons and not getting annoyed. 🙂
almost 8:15am. time to get ready kids…
we went out and headed for school. we saw my mom waiting for the bus, so zendra cried. she wants to come to her grandma. so i turned the stroller quickly before she cried out loud. after we brought Jaki in school, zendra and i headed up to the park. no one is still around ’cause it’s early. she just roam around.

she’s now learning how to step at the stairs…awww…i have to be so careful and doubly patient with her…“ang kulit na”

out of the park, there’s a flea market along the street. every thursday, vendors flock the street and it’s always economical to buy there..fruits, clothes, etc. you can buy anything! “ukay-ukay”. i didn’t peek there, too many people and i didn’t bring any money with me. so if i saw something nice, i will just be disappointed. better not pass there.
we crossed the street to sit down by the fountain nearby.

she kept on pointing at the waters and wanted to play around. “gustong maglangoy” (wants to swim) hahaha.
the fountain is just right in front of Sta. Lucia church (in the background left side). a lot of benches surround the fountain. most of time the elders sit there, chatting and reading newspapers.


a video of zendra walking around and robbing her snack under her stroller.
that’s almost half of zendra’s thursday. when we got home, we ate lunch and finally, she has fallen asleep.
time for her mom to turn on the pc… =)

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