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jaki’s excited to open his easter egg. it can’t wait til sunday! he’s not a chocolate eater though. what’s exciting for him is the surprise toy inside the egg. i’m excited for the chocolate =). yum.
he got a dinosaur!


easter’s fast approaching! kids are eggs-cited!

i guess my son had asked me 5 times about the easter eggs today. “va bene, andiamo fuori” (ok, we’re going out!”) i said. going out means i need to have at least 20euro in my pocket! argghh! otherwise, my kids will bug me.

jaki’s looking for a “hot wheels” chocolate egg. but they’re not available. so he just chose the dinosaur egg (5.90euro). my daughter still has no idea of chocolate eggs with surprises inside. so i had the honor to pick one for her. i got the small one (2.90euro), she didn’t bother at all.

they got eggs. you think jaki’s satisfied? of course, his gormiti (toy) addiction will never fade. i bought 2 packs (2.90 each). anyway i have been promising him these for the weekend. i still got 5.40euro!

jaki also requested his fave choco biscuit, “ciocchini”. i’m down to 3.40euro! whew! it doesn’t matter though. as long as my kids were contented and happy.

hope the sun will continue to shine. it’s now day light saving time! we’ll sleep 1 hour less tonight.

zendra picked a yellow flower and she was just so curious about it. cute!

helper on probation

everytime i stay in the kitchen, this little angel is at my back and imitating what i have been doing. i wonder if she’s trying to help.

swimming or smelling?
trying to open the ref
dyaraaaan! where’s my drumsticks ma?

spring is here

spring is finally here! the sun is tempting. zendra and i went to the park and she enjoyed every minute of our stay. she doesn’t wanna go home!

trying hard to slide—help ma!

she loves pizza

we had pizza for afternoon snack
and zendra had almost eaten 2 slices.
she’s definitely another pizza margherita fan!

recent obssessions

Zendra’s recent obssessions:
Asus Notebook:
while i’m busy at my laptop, she keeps on pointing out at her papa’s pc notebook. “daaaaaah!” referring to the pc. i gave up. i just took out the battery so she’ll not delete anything. i guess she’s a bit wondering why there’s no picture at the monitor.

Hair Accessories:
i can’t let her play alone with her small hair accessories. mine are more safe.
Shopping/Phone Cards:
funny she’s counting the cards one by one …
“dey…dey….dey…..” (1, 2, 3…) all the same phrases. my son and i were laughing at her. she looked at us and laughed too.

i didn’t teach her how to play this one. she stole this flute at her brother’s toy box. “tuuuut…” she laughed when she made the sound. hurray!
she literaaly slept with this flute all night.

here’s a clip of her “quick concert”


the "exorcist"


if on my time, the cellfones, digicams were as accessible as today, i guess my mom would have filmed me about my “sesame street madness”. i’m just glad i captured moments like these. kiara would just burst into laughter in 10 years.