easter’s fast approaching! kids are eggs-cited!

i guess my son had asked me 5 times about the easter eggs today. “va bene, andiamo fuori” (ok, we’re going out!”) i said. going out means i need to have at least 20euro in my pocket! argghh! otherwise, my kids will bug me.

jaki’s looking for a “hot wheels” chocolate egg. but they’re not available. so he just chose the dinosaur egg (5.90euro). my daughter still has no idea of chocolate eggs with surprises inside. so i had the honor to pick one for her. i got the small one (2.90euro), she didn’t bother at all.

they got eggs. you think jaki’s satisfied? of course, his gormiti (toy) addiction will never fade. i bought 2 packs (2.90 each). anyway i have been promising him these for the weekend. i still got 5.40euro!

jaki also requested his fave choco biscuit, “ciocchini”. i’m down to 3.40euro! whew! it doesn’t matter though. as long as my kids were contented and happy.

hope the sun will continue to shine. it’s now day light saving time! we’ll sleep 1 hour less tonight.

zendra picked a yellow flower and she was just so curious about it. cute!


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