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rashes are back

rashes on her face are back again! for every change of seasons, my daughter’s skin are too sensitive. (sigh)

we had a 12noon appointment at the ospedale sacco (hospital) at the pediatrics-allergology department. upon entering the hospital gates, there you can see the big cage full of birds. i let zendra enjoyed first in listening to the chirping of the birds. anyway, it’s 11:30 am.

11:45am, we were already at the waiting area of the pediatrics. zendra keeps on walking to and fro, and got busy waving at the other babies and mothers.

zendra’s turn. she had some tests in the arms. 8 punctures and she didn’t even blink or cry. Brava! she was somehow used to it i guess. every 6 months we go here for follow ups. she was allergic to graminacee o poaceae (graminaceous plants)

P5040050.jpg (179210 byte)

P5040052.jpg (191444 byte)

some sample of plants that can lead to allergies during spring/summer time

the doctor prescribed antihistamine: zirtec drops, advantan cream for the rashes, and dexeryl dermal lotion for everyday use. not to mention the triderm bath oil for her bath. normal soaps are prohibited. wheew! i spent more or less 30euro! mahal ha! (expensive) but that’s ok, as long as she’ll be fine. the doctor also said the sea water will be better for zendra.

hmmm…should i make early plans for the beach?

enjoying the doves

it’s my birthday and i don’t want to treat myself pounding my keyboards and stay home. zendra and i went to stroll around the center of milan. of course, we wouldn’t forget to hang out at piazza duomo. it’s kiara’s first time to be not scared of the doves. i brought with me biscuits for her and she also shared some to the doves. she really enjoyed.

she might be “feeling at home”. literally sat down and waves at me.

oooops…i didn’t capture the actual acrobatic act she did. argh! too fast. i’m slow using cell fone cam.
mamma where are the doves?- she might probably thinking. i guess we needed a lot biscuits or corn so doves will come to her. fortunately, we can feed doves here. in venice, it’s now prohibited to feed the doves. the doves’ excretes they say ruin the churches and buildings.

doves, eat my biscuits, come here…i’m not afraid anymore

yum, yum, yum….

“mamma, can i have biscuits again?”

she enjoyed running around. she had fallen asleep on our way home. next time we go there, i’ll wont forget a sack of corn, and my digicam.

would she make it?

for fun i submitted a foto of my daughter in the category LOL gallery@ funniest cute kid the votation will last ’til june. let’s see how many votes will she get.

32 votes as of now, april 13, 2010.
update: 78 votes, august 8, 2010

monday – fun day

i thought holy week would be ruined totally by the constant rains. fortunately, the sun shined on monday. glad it’s still a holiday. we brought the kids to the park. we enjoyed! <—click here

papi and zendra just sitting and relaxing…
she wants to play at the soccer field
inter fans on the move!
looking for flowers dear?
finally gave in. boys dosn’t want to play soccer with me.
get out of the way zendra….
whooops! papi..don’t leave me
would someone care to push me?
a little push here too
family self-shot. not yet ready for the smile…Click!!!

just adorable

after easter sunday, it’s a holiday (monday) in italy: festa dell’angelo (angel’s feast). i decided to systemize zendra’s clothes. lots of small ones now and her closet’s yelling. too many stuffs. of course, she loves messing up with me. i let her pulled her clothes and scattered on the floor. until she saw & grabbed my bag next to my bed…
i don’t wanna miss this! run mamma for the cam!
see? it’s still boot-fashion week for her. she’s spying where i hide it. so it’s useless to get rid of those boots, for now.

where are you going signorina kiara?

don’t eat that silver bracelet! be careful…it’s ninang May’s gift!

i love braiding her hair. growing longer each day.
next things to hide – my shoes and lipsticks i guess. =)

these boots are made for "sleeping"

zendra’s fashion for the week: wearing boots at home! it makes me sing that classic song: these boots are made for walking by nancy sinatra. see chic zendra

don’t you dare touch those boots! otherwise, she’ll cry even knocked-out here…

spoon-feeding day

according to psychologists, the mother is the one who determines an age when her child begins to eat with a spoon independently. after walking by herself, i need to challenge my daughter to another step: spoon-feeding alone! at the age of 15 months, she begins to grab the spoon when i’m feeding her. at first, i just let her hold it without putting food in it. i take another spoon for myself to feed her. she just tries to play with the spoon.
when she started to pick foods for herself using her hands, i thought, “could she wield a spoon perfectly without any help?” it’s not an easy task for a baby to spoon-feed. it’s not easy too for the mother to let her do it. i have to be ready for smearing of food on floors or walls or flapping of plate. well, it’s always a parent’s task to support and educate a child, so i’m gonna do it!

i still don’t know if she can hold the spoon better with her right hand or left. so for experimentation i let her hold it with her right hand. i put some noodles (her fave) on her plastic plate. she was smiling. maybe she’s thinking “wow, at last, my mother let me hold a spoon & eat alone”
first attempt–successful! no foods on floors. some foods on the face might do. i said “brava kiara”, and she giggled. she might probably thinking, “told you so…i can do this thing”.
she waves the spoon a lot of times. i tried to show her how to scoop the food again, and bring it to her mouth. she just looked at me and tried to weild the spoon…“ayan, kinamay na…”(she started using her bare hands)

she continues to grab and play with the food. “oh no!…patience..patience…” ( i keep saying to myself) i didn’t rail at her.

i dont need to get angry. it’s all part of the process. maybe she got tired of this difficult task. “ayan na nagkalat na sa sahig” (here it on floors)

still savoring the food. totally forgot the spoon.

foods dropping. patience Ma…
“the plate’s empty Ma..where’s the food?”

well, that’s ok. one step at a time. i expect her not to learn right away. i’m always glad seeing my baby’s new skills and abilities each day. the main purpose is to keep my daughter’s pleasure about the process. little by little, the time of “freedom while heaving my own meal” while she eats her own food, will increase. i just have to save a lot of patience.