18 on Holy Friday

me, my mom and my kids spent holy friday at my brother’s place.
here are some 18 fun —
1. jaki is trying to unlock the door by staring at it. super power!

2. this is not falling. it’s crawling, with style.
3. i can make this pizza disappear in 10 seconds. 10-9-8….yum, yum…7-6-5…

4. zendra trying her magic tricks: where’s my other foot?

5. i hope she’ll have a green thumb when she grows up. nobody in the family does. we got artificial flowers back home. sssh… don’t tell our neighbors.
6. will she have a gardening career?
7. hey, anybody hear harry (the dog) knocking?
8. almost fell from the chair. laughing at himself about the cyberyou cam.
9. anyone wants gold? no need Indiana Jones.
10. can i play now outside?
11. grandma…look at my picked flowers
12. are you smiling kuya (brother)? show them your teeth.
13. don’t tell tito junjun i’m grabbing his frollini biscuits.
14. tic tac toe…should be X here
15. is jaki ready for the army? all his effort for the training.
16. i guess i will quit gardening. equestrian sounds fun.
17. hang on! i’ll make this thing fly!
18. i don’t want to leave. i’ll barricade here Ma!

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