Monthly Archives: July 2010

balloon trip

Last friday night, my daughter Kiara insisted of inflating balloons and it’s almost 11:30pm. whew!
my hub and i got scared ‘coz she cried without sound and gasped for her breath (10 seconds or so).
we tossed and shook her up, and thanks God, she cried out loud, then slept.
so figure out how saturday morning will be. do you think she’ll forgot the balloons?
now i’m the one gasping for air–25 balloons inflated–(and counting more–)


Children ask better questions than adults.
“May I have a toast with marmalade?”
“Why is the sky blue?”
“What is 10 x 10?”

“ba..baaaaaa?” (teletubbies?)
(hello kitty?)

they are far more likely to elicit a cheerful response
“Where’s your receipt?”
Why aren’t you answering your fone?”
“Who’s your lawyer?”

yeah, sometimes i want to be a kid again, where i can throw questions that my parents will invent answers and i don’t care. =)

new hairdo

she haven’t had a hair cut since birth, and i decided to cut some four inches of her hair.

smiling….was she contented…?
…or not?
i’m glad she can’t sue me for a bad hair cut.
“MA! i need a mirror at the back, i want to see what you’ve done!”

little gardener

We went out for a grocery.

She came out wearing a new hat,

handling a new watering can,

stroller filled with donuts, freeky fries

and a new baby plate !

lesson: never take Kiara to a supermarket empty handed!

thanks to MOM for the cash =)

Erica & Kiara (plus elmo)

Erica came here to Milan with his parents Roderick (hub’s cousin) and Ann. they brought a lot of stuffs and toys for kiara. caught some of erica-kiara-elmo moments.

Toddler’s Property Law

six vs one

“tinky winky, dipsy, la la, po…



say hello”….

that’s my tuesday anthem today.

my two kids + 4 teletubbies
vs. Me

Kiara: “Baaaa baaaa..” (more mamma)

Jaki: cambio altro dvd mamma (i’ll change another tubby dvd ma)

— i can’t win over with my kids on dvd!


ME: “kids time for bubble bath!”

i secretly changed the disc =)

i got my chance…hurry!