18 months

checklist of what she does this age:
1. bubble bath alone (i mean, without her big brother-jaki)
2. steals Jaki’s playstation joystick
3. eat all staple food, less of non-staple foods (such as paper, toys, etc)
4. imitate what i do
5. temper tantrums if she wants something
6. understands english, tagalog & italian languages
7. likes to choose what shoes/sandals to wear
8. enjoys watching her videos/pictures
9. acts shy/just silent with strangers
10. still loves elmo & teletubbies
11. enjoys adult attention
12. wants to hug and kiss me, her papa & kuya Jaki
13. had destroyed more or less 5 toys & books
14. has a vocabulary of several words that only me could understand
15. likes to run and twirl
16. opens cabinets, ref, drawers and boxes
17. knows how to play/pause dvd player remote control
18. weighs 11 kilos and stands 80 cm.

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