Monthly Archives: August 2010

kids’ business

PLAY is the kids’ main business in life.
watch the kids play, you’ll learn something…

the biscuit

nothing on earth is so hilarious than catching your kid

do “crazy innocent” stuffs…



“When kids play, they remember.
They may not be aware they are learning, but they sure are aware they are having fun.
When you have a good belly laugh with your siblings or parents or friends, that stays with you.
And the great thing is that, it comes so naturally…
if we only let it.”

latest obssession

she’s turning 19 months on august 9 and starting to grab my stuffs

maybe she loves the soft timberland leather…
more sleep and i can have mom’s shoes
…or slippers

..and sandals

Ma, i want a red shoes. but let me try this one ok?
fits well right?
i wonder where would i hide my boots & clothes now.


finally found a new replacement for my daughter’s baby stroller!
only 7euro @chinese store.
you would not want to know
how much energy my son Jaki and I had, just to look for a stroller toy.
all out of stock.

doll is not included. she loves her old doll though…
here’s the lonely old stroller:
with the packaging tape @ the right handle,
missing one wheel
and missing a doll seat.
i can throw this one now.

cute miracle

she just woke up and wants her bling-bling right away.
‘atta girl!

my baby girl is one of the most beautiful miracles i have. she’s one of the reasons why there is a little..
extra sunshine
extra laughter
extra happiness,
extra budget..
in our family.

what can i say?

we’re all crazy about her.

i want one

yeah, everybody these days got their own Ipods, Psp’s, lap top’s and all.
a dvd player would do for me.