Monthly Archives: October 2010

who’s that girl?

i saw his foto with this girl. hmmm?
i thought, “she’s a lot older for him .”
don’t panic! she’s a high school teacher!
no strings attached.
she’s lovely though.


they say kids don’t grow up without having bruises…

sharpay fever

my daughter’s everyday anthem: Fabulous by Sharpay @ high school musical 2!
she loves her!

Me among 576!

that’s me! 576 candidates and 30 kids will be chosen.
Mamma said i got 90% chance. i believe her.

400 votes

over 400 votes in a week! i’m overwhelmed!

bimbi belli foto

this is my official bimbi belli abbigliamento 0-14 official foto for voting!
what do you think?

kiara’s first casting

it’s my daughter’s first casting ever for a calendar model and ads. she was quiet awkward with the fotographer because she didn’t know her. so more or less she can’t give a good smile.
too serious!
well, it doesn’t matter if she’ll be chosen or not.
she’s still my adorable model!