21 months

21 months? really?
seems just like 21 weeks =)
ok, so here are 21 things about her now.
1. she watches more than 20 times the film High School Musical 2. she loves the special features, especially the bloopers! i love her laughs when she’s watching.
2. she knows how to choose her shoes, toys or clothes at the store. i’m always making sure i got a money in my bag.
3. she now waves at strangers. before she’s scared of strangers..she even cries.
4. she still doesn’t talk. she can utter: Mamma, Papa, Yaya (for Kuya-big brother), Titi (Hello kitty), dada (milk).
5. her shoe size is 24 now. that means she got 4 or 5 shoes not fitting her now. pity.
6. she’s 85cm tall. i forgot to weigh her. she’s heavier now.
7. she shouts/howl when she want something, but she can’t have it.
8. she can eat alone (but, still expect the food flood on the floors).
9. she drinks 1 liter of milk a day. she loves it.
10. she’s used to handling my slippers or her dad’s whenever we got home. sweet!
11. she still messes up with her big brother’s (Jaki) stuffs.
12. she have this habit of eating her fingers, not nails. ew! not a good one. i won’t tolerate that.
13. she got 2 Barbie dolls and 4 little sort-of-mini barbie dolls.
14. she still sleeps with her butt up.
15. she still have difficulties on pot training.
16. she had enough of the teletubbies (for now)
17. she ruined about 3 or 4 toys this month.
18. she knows how to project more at the sight of the camera.
19. she still don’t like chocolates. (better!)
20. she loves to go out, but not walking.
21. she understands tagalog, english and italian. good for her!

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