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Cute Kid Rating

as of november 27, 2010, 8am italian time.
Zendra got 1,030 votes!

operation: bimbi belli outfit

zendra almost tried 4 dresses. top secret for now!


I joined my daughter Kiara again at the LOL Photo Contest at cutekid page. last year, i joined her in, but unfortunately, i didn’t concentrate so much at the voting and campaigns. below are last year’s winners.

Kiara got 78 votes, at least!

Donna Moderna Magazine

November 10, 2010 Issue

There Zendra is! we’re all proud of her.

medusa (modern version)

blame it to her dad when i’m out for work.


if i could freeze a moment, this is one of them.

2nd place

She ended up 2nd place among the 576 candidates!
584 votes!
We’re proud of you Zendra!