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On The Cover

My “official journal” starts on MAY 1, 2011.
Before that, let me share today this one.
I’m on the February 2011 edition cover of this
On-Line Magazine. Cool!
It’s in italian. Sorry for those who can’t understand the language. Just browse in!
2245 Views as of this writing.
(the most viewed bimbi belli magazine. whew!)

ZENDRA KIARA: etymology

(i am 4 months here)

nicknames: (at home- King-King, Kiang-Kiang, Zen)
some people/relatives, call me KIARA.
but, normally, they call me, ZENDRA here in Italy.

birth date: january 9, 2009
birth place: milan, italy
hospital: ospedale sacco di milano
time of birth: 1:40pm
weight: 3.640 kilograms
height: 48.5 cm
breech position, by CS operation, born 1 week in advanced. my due date of birth should be January 16. i look so red, small eyes like my brother jaki, & lots of hair.
among the three siblings, i am the heaviest and longest at birth. when the doctors pulled me out at my mother’s womb, the first word my mother said “ciao cicciona” (hello chubby one). i open my eyes but never cried at once.
i walk alone on my very first birthday (1 year old) and can utter words “papa”, mamma”, “baba”…
ZENDRA KIARA comes from the thought that my mother wants me to be named alexandra.
first i was supposed to be named as Cendra Jade (for the C and J similarity with my 2 brothers). but since i am the only girl my mother thought it would be nice to have unique name.
hence, improvising and shortening alexandra, became Zendra and the Kiara is an improvised name of italian name Chiara. the K from my mother’s name Kristina.
zodiac sign: capricorn
passion: teletubbies, dora, playhouse disney and other cartoons, high school musical 1,2 &3 films, posing for the camera,
eating and tearing off everything i touch 😀

(i am 1 year and a half here. the tshirt was a gift from New York, USA)

Zendra’s Rule No. 6

Zendra’s Rule No. 6: “if you can’t bring me to the beach, i will wear a bathing suit even on the bath tub.”

Zendra for Silvia Moioli

‎”God breathes and the beauty of nature is revealed, You are His most beautiful creation & I am left breathless.”