Monthly Archives: February 2012

Day 308 of 365: My "Dog"

I won’t go to school without my favorite “dog”.
Obviously, i’m not in the mood for a foto.
I’m still sleepy!


Day 307 of 365: FotoBook


An endless thanks to Valentina Mantovani.
We’re excited to meet you again for the second fotoshoot! =)


Day 306 of 365: Pinterest

Thanks again Valentina for the nice feature:

See Zendra for Pinterest[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Day 302 of 365: Crown


Forget the ribbons!
Crown is my newest best friend! =)

Day 300 of 365: Pink Sunglasses & a Suitcase

I love my pink sunglasses!
Thanks also to grandma Esther for the transparent suitcase. Now i put my “parlor set” and bring it everywhere.

Day 301 of 365: Optional (again)

Mamma got a message today from the agency:
I am OPTIONAL for Armani Junior campaign ad and catalogue which i had a casting last week.
This is gonna be my 2nd time in option for Armani.
Since i am 90cm in height now and they require 95-100cm for girls, i’m just lucky enough to be considered as optional.
If they call again for CONFIRMATION, then i’ll be happier.
Wish me luck. 😀

Day 299 of 365: I Love This Shirt!

I Love Daddy!
Of course, i love my Papi! =)