Monthly Archives: May 2012

Valentina Mantovani

We love Valentina!

After a year, mom’s friend photographer (from Verona) is back in Milan. And obviously, we had a very interesting Sunday with her. There are also 8 kids with me, for fotoshoot!
These are just backstage fotos of the pictorial. Stay tuned for the final outcome.

Party of Five (Let’s Jeans!)

FIVE moms have organized an awesome pictorial project: My mom, and her four friends, with their girls: Shalmaine, Zuri, Cheska and Maxim were with me one lovely Sunday (April 29)! Here’s the “Jeans Party” theme.
We really had so much fun.
Sharing you some raw shots & 2 final shots (1st & last fotos).


365/2: Zendra & Shalmaine

It was a lovely day. One of my friends, Shalmaine was with me.
We had a mini pictorial with Miss Chiara of Mou Mou Photography.
We had some fun “stealing some flowers”, obviously.