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Red, White & Blue

Foto Courtesy of 2ClickPhotography

RED, WHITE AND BLUE…they’re lovely as well as me! =)

Dress: Take Two Teen
Shoes: Equerry
Courtesy of Babyland Lainate

Zendra’s Rule No. 20

“kwinkle, kwinkle likakal. Aw i gang-ger what you are.”

(Zendra singing twinkle, twinkle little star)

Zendra’s Rule No. 20: It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand the words i’m saying. What matter is, my tune is always right. =)

With the Top

Pauline & Me
She’s 7. I’m 3 years od.

Milan is a big city, but not big enough to bump into one of the top kid models in Italy. She’s Pauline, also a filipina like me. I see her everywhere: from catalogues, to store posters, to magazines, fashion shows, etc. I’m proud enough to be with her even in foto. We haven’t worked together yet. We almost “did” with the Krytik catalogue (see up for the foto). But i remained an optional.
Yesterday we’ve been together for a fitting for another brand.

Still my dream to work with her. =) Wish me luck!
All the fotos inserted were some of her countless projects here in Italy & France.

Zendra’s Rule N. 19

am i cute enough?
borrowing my nanny’s sunglasses
Thanks, Tita Jona
Zendra’s Rule N. 19: Sometimes big is cute! =)

All Red

there’s a fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood…
..and i am the Little Red Lips !

For once in my childhood, wearing this red lipstick is fun!
I’m a little model. I’m ought to wear anything i’m asked to wear.
There’s nothing wrong with wearing a lipstick. It’s for fotosake.
Not all have beautiful lips like mine. I could wear all colors of lipstick with big BANG!
Can you? =)

Photo Courtesy of Ad Sphera Moda & Pubblicita, Lecco
Note: the photographer told me, i’m the little Angelina Jolie because of my lips. Whether you agree or not, I still remain as Zendra, with or without lipstick.

Source of Joy