Monthly Archives: January 2013

it’s my party!


with my best friend, MAXIM
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Zendra’s Rule No. 23

Zendra’s Rule No. 23

If you’ll have a party, leave it to the adults to prepare. Chances are you’ll end up dead tired.

“Why am i sleeping on the carpet Mamma?” =)


– 5

Only five days and i will turn 4 years old! I’m so excited for my birthday outfit.
What’s it gonna be? Mamma is hiding it from me.

The Reality

Ok, i have to admit and re-admit to myself, these two siblings of mine look like their dad.
But, i have to admit that the talents were taken from me, ok? =)

Polka Dots for 2013

Dress by Gap
Headband: Disney store
Necklace: Z Generation
they say wearing polka dots during new year brings more luck.
circles means money.
anyway, luck or not, 
here’s wishing a fabulous new year ahead.