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One Year Ago

Official Armani Junior Catalogue S/S 2013 Cover

Time really flies so fast. It’s been exactly a year when we shoot this look book for Armani Junior. I was 3 years old then. You might think it has been easy for me to be photographed that time, but it’s not. I actually cried. My mom i know was desperate because i don’t want to be photographed. I guess i’m a bit scared of the whole environment: lot of models, new faces, stylists around, new photographer, loud music, big studio and lot of lights. The photographer is so nice though. He had patience with me. After lunch, we were already friends and i posed and posed for 2 hours. That fast, i wore 6 outfits and gave my sweetest smile.

January of this year, I didn’t expect my face to appear on the cover of Vogue Bambini here. But, i was there. They used me for the official AJ ad on magazines/newspapers/posters.

Today, mamma got an unexpected call. Armani wants me again to appear on their Look Book for next year, 2014, maybe for spring/summer collection (again). Well, that’s a record for me. I was on the back cover of Vogue Bambini for two consecutive editions (Jan/Feb 2013, and March/Apr 2013), and now on look book for two consecutive years!

Thank you Jesus for this blessing. You made my mamma so proud and the rest of my family, friends and all the pinoys worldwide.

Wish me luck for the shooting.

Make My Mamma Proud

It’s out now!
Just Kids Magazine (USA)
see on digital version:

I’m featured as one of the spotlight models!
Proud to be the only filipina inside the magazine.

The Z Kingdom

One simple rule: “you can touch, just put them back in place”

Almost all the Barbie dolls were rewards each time i had pictorials and projects.
you do the math! =)

Queen mom says:
“i get to make my princess happy,
 and at the same time i get to play these dolls/stuff toys
which i never had when i was a little girl”


Zendra’s latest “obsession” is to call me “Mommy” instead of “Mamma”. 
I wonder why. I never tell her to do so. I even don’t say the word “Mommy” inside the house.
She’s getting used to it. Even on her sleep, she talks “Mommy…”
Sweet though…=)

Gioia Bambino Magazine

GIOIA BAMBINO Magazine, N. 1
May 11, 2013
it’s out now on newstands
inserted on N. 18 GIOIA Magazine
I’m so excited to see my fotos inside.

Magazine Cover

love this shot
centerfold. Zendra at the center =)