Happy Place

when i was a little kid, my dad used to bring me home fairytale books:
Goldilocks, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, Rumpelstiltskin, and other lovable stories. I start reading around 4 and a half years old. During elementary school days, when the teacher is on a meeting, i am the one reading in front of the class these stories, so they will remain silent while the teacher is away for a while. And i love reading the books, again, and again.
we have a small library in our house and i can say it made me a book reader until i grew up. i am always fascinated with those books in our shelves. maybe that’s how i got the love for research too. 
now that i’m a mom, it’s my turn to teach my kids to love books. in fact, they do. each time i bring them to a bookstore, they always had fun, especially when i bought something for them. 
i call this a “happy place”.
feeling at home. they love the kid’s corner

House of Geronimo Stilton

I wonder around too inside Geronimo Stilton’s “house”. Old tv, nice furniture and stuffs. You can just hang or sit around, touch everything, without someone forbidding you. It’s of course for kids (and adults, too) to enjoy.

The kids practically checked every book, every toys and every corners of the bookstore. I love watching their reactions:
“Mamma, look at that!”, “Mamma, can we play?”, “Mamma, can you buy this?”
After an hour or so, i ended up paying for Play-Doh (6 sets of colors) for Zendra and a new Skylander figure for PS3, for Jaki. 

…And i ended up satisfied just looking at their enthusiastic eyes and smiles.

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