Monthly Archives: June 2015

Still Sick

Please stand by. I have no activities right now, but just to sleep and rest.
Fever is not a great thing.

Officially A Grade Schooler!

Proud pre schooler in black toga

I was actually chilling in the morning because i have a fever. I vomited twice, so my mom had to bring me back home from school. The graduation rites will be held in the afternoon, so mom decided she will bring me back to school before the ceremony. My temperature is 38.5°C and i can’t even eat.

But God has His wonderful touch and healed me, even for the ceremony. After some medicines my fever subsided enabling me to go to the school, participate at the ceremony and the program after it.

With my teachers
with Papi
with Mamma

I will surely miss my teachers and classmates. I have been in preschool for three years. I can’t wait to be in grade school and meet new friends/classmates and teachers. This is the start of a new journey.

Sumptuous Dinner at Flunch

Me with the sisters, Chloe and Chelsea

When you talk about EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN, it just means “Eat until you can’t breathe”, hahaha. Together with my mom, my big brother, my mom’s friend and her daughters, we went to the mall after school, then we ate our dinner at Flunch. It’s actually an italian restaurant that offers, “eat-all-you-can” for 17.90euro each person. Kids below 100cm are free. I measure 110cm as well as my playmate, and her sister measure more than 120cm. Fortunately, the supervisor there told us all of us three little girls can eat for free. Of course, we have to pay for the drinks.

Anyway, it was fun getting what we want. The waitress even gave us a big plate with full of french fries. Oh my! We can’t eat them all. I enjoyed my pasta al pomodoro and the watermelon.

It was really a sumptuous dinner!

From left to right: Chelsea, Me, Mom, Chloe and my brother Jaki