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Welcome JUNE!


On Butterflies And Little Girls


Butterflies and little girls are
almost exactly the same
The only things that differ are
the letters in their names
Both are beautiful and
exquisite and rare
and your heart stops beating
when you take the time to care

Tiny feet, and little fingers –
a baby smell that always lingers
The beauty of a butterfly we
only see for a moment,
but a baby girl we know
lives in our hearts forever.



All Photos by Valentina Mantovani


Welcoming June with lots of HOPE and sweet SMILE!



just adorable

after easter sunday, it’s a holiday (monday) in italy: festa dell’angelo (angel’s feast). i decided to systemize zendra’s clothes. lots of small ones now and her closet’s yelling. too many stuffs. of course, she loves messing up with me. i let her pulled her clothes and scattered on the floor. until she saw & grabbed my bag next to my bed…
i don’t wanna miss this! run mamma for the cam!
see? it’s still boot-fashion week for her. she’s spying where i hide it. so it’s useless to get rid of those boots, for now.

where are you going signorina kiara?

don’t eat that silver bracelet! be careful…it’s ninang May’s gift!

i love braiding her hair. growing longer each day.
next things to hide – my shoes and lipsticks i guess. =)