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Welcome JUNE!


On Butterflies And Little Girls


Butterflies and little girls are
almost exactly the same
The only things that differ are
the letters in their names
Both are beautiful and
exquisite and rare
and your heart stops beating
when you take the time to care

Tiny feet, and little fingers –
a baby smell that always lingers
The beauty of a butterfly we
only see for a moment,
but a baby girl we know
lives in our hearts forever.



All Photos by Valentina Mantovani


Welcoming June with lots of HOPE and sweet SMILE!



School in the Park


Today, we had a school activity, not inside our school but it was held in the park of Villa Scheibler. There are three schools who participated, all in elementary grades.


The Carabinieri band who played some march songs


With our first grade teacher, Lucia


First stop: Magic and fun with Viky, the clown.

We were all eager to watch her tricks and listen to her funny stories.



Kids got a “gift” after the show. I asked for a “little rat” shaped balloon


Boys got their “sword balloons” and some girls “heart balloons”. 


Second Stop: The Ambulance

I haven’t been inside an ambulance. The paramedics has shown us what’s inside, explain what they do, and we get to push that ambulance siren button, too.




Wearing a paramedics jacket. How cool is that? 

Aside from coloring activity, the paramedics held a demonstration on how to take care or cure a simple injury.


Third Stop: Karate Class

This one has been tiring yet exciting! We had fun kicking and shouting. “Yaaah!”






Fourth Stop: Coloring/Drawing with the natural food colors

By natural means from the extracts of some fruits and vegetables. We used them in coloring or creating some arts. I made a flower with the heart-shaped petals out of Paprika (yellow flavoring).


Fifth Stop: Soccer!

I’m not a sportive type, but playing a bit of soccer is fun. We were divided in two teams: green and blue. I guess i had one goal. My mom got it on video.



It’s not a usual soccer game. It’s more about obstacle game


I think we were faster than the blue team

We were also given free snacks and some free time to play in the park during breaks. There will be an award for the most numerous participants, but i guess they will announce it on Monday. The committee have to control the list first.



All in all, it was really an awesome day. I never been this excited! I’m looking forward to another school fun. I just don’t know when is he next one. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog today. See you again!


Girls Love Tutu

servizio castello 2 623.JPG

I love tutu’ skirts! 


servizio castello 2 306


Tutu’ by Mon Pètillant Haylow

Hair accessories: Accessorize

Boots & Fur: Z Generation

Photos  courtesy of:

Immagini in Movimento by Francesca R.





New Playground: Il Giardino Delle Culture

There’s another new playground inaugurated last April 19, 2015, here in Milan, Italy. I guess it’s not really just for the kids, but for adults as well. There are two great “murales” painted by the writer/artist Millo (Francesco Camillo Giorgino). The place is called “Giardino delle Culture”, located at Via Morosini corner Bezzeca, Milan. It’s not that far from the city center. Maybe around 10 minutes by bus or tram.

Me and my friend Britthany had fun posing and playing around.

Opening Hours:

October 1 to March 31
10am to 5pm

April 1 to September 30
10am to 7pm

Throwback Thursday

Yes, it’s me, when i was one and half years old.
The bubbly-smiley me!

Hula Hoop

My latest craze for the week: Hula Hoop!

Day 12 of 365: with Maxim

We had a guest today: MAXIM GRACE! Her mom have to go to work today and my Mamma take care of her. I’m glad i had a playmate for the day. usually it’s always “mamma and me”. We had fun in the park!

P.S. Don’t blame Mamma for our head dress, we insisted we put those ribbon for gifts. If it had been for Mamma’s choice she will have some chic accessories for us. From time to time, we need to be “cool”. We’re kids, right?