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Welcome JUNE!


On Butterflies And Little Girls


Butterflies and little girls are
almost exactly the same
The only things that differ are
the letters in their names
Both are beautiful and
exquisite and rare
and your heart stops beating
when you take the time to care

Tiny feet, and little fingers –
a baby smell that always lingers
The beauty of a butterfly we
only see for a moment,
but a baby girl we know
lives in our hearts forever.



All Photos by Valentina Mantovani


Welcoming June with lots of HOPE and sweet SMILE!


Keep a Happy Face


Photo by Valentina Mantovani

Smile is the best thing you can wear.

Keep a happy face, always.

5 Days before Christmas!

Santa Claus


Photo by Valentina Mantovani


Have you listed what you want for Christmas?

Have you met Santa Claus?

20 Days before Christmas

Autumn Leaves, Balloons & Ducks


It was indeed a very lovely Saturday. It should have been autumn season, but it feels like spring time. We removed our jackets because of the warm weather. We had a photo shoot with my mom’s photographer friend, Valentina Mantovani. I had a great time with italian kids, MariaFrancesca and her big brother Giuseppe, in the park.

We enjoyed playing with autumn leaves, watching the ducks and flying off some balloons. Watch the short trailer below during the shoot.


Lovely garden for a location at Villa Comunale, Palestro zone, in Milan