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One More Sleep


Photo by Fotomagiche

It’s almost Christmas.

Just one sleep away.

1 day before Christmas!


Keep a Happy Face


Photo by Valentina Mantovani

Smile is the best thing you can wear.

Keep a happy face, always.

5 Days before Christmas!

One of My Favorite Girls

She is Valentina Mantovani. An Italian photographer, and a dear friend of my mom. Pretty and so kind.


I love all her photos. We’ve known her since 2011. I am her very first child model, professionally.

6 Days before Christmas!

Friday Cheers


Photo by 2ClickPhotographers

It’s a Friday Flashback.

I love these tutu’ dress.

I love my curls.

And i love my cheerful smile.


7 Days before Christmas!

All I Want is a Dog for Christmas


Photo by 2ClickPhotographers

Yes, i love dogs. Isn’t it obvious that i got to have a photo shoot with a lovely dog named Toffee. But, this is way back then.

I still love this shot though.

I wish for a real dog this Christmas but Mom is definitely undecided about it. Well, real or not, i want a dog! =)

8 Days before Christmas!

Christmas is Red


Photo by Valentina Mantovani

December is most of the time RED.

What will you wear this holiday season?

9 Days before Christmas!

Christmas Decors

Photo by Valentina Mantovani

What’s your favorite Christmas Decors?

I love Christmas balls!

10 Days Before Christmas

Street Art


Photo by Valentina Mantovani

Street art is cool.

11 Days before Christmas

Colorful is Wonderful


Photo by Frei Ilag

Christmas is the most colorful time of the year, aside from the fallen autumn leaves all around.

12 Days before Christmas!

Flooding of Sweets


Photo by 2ClickPhotographers

Christmas means lots of foods and sweets!

What’s on your menu?

13 Days before Christmas!