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Fun Saturday


Me, Britty & Chloe



It’s a bit exhausting but fun Saturday. I met a lot of friends (co-models). We all had the same casting today. Good luck to us!

See details: Casting MyRock


Me & Britthany


Graffiti on subways


Autumn Leaves, Balloons & Ducks


It was indeed a very lovely Saturday. It should have been autumn season, but it feels like spring time. We removed our jackets because of the warm weather. We had a photo shoot with my mom’s photographer friend, Valentina Mantovani. I had a great time with italian kids, MariaFrancesca and her big brother Giuseppe, in the park.

We enjoyed playing with autumn leaves, watching the ducks and flying off some balloons. Watch the short trailer below during the shoot.


Lovely garden for a location at Villa Comunale, Palestro zone, in Milan

Throwback Thursday: First Project

Photo1793 Photo1796 Photo1798 Photo1799 Photo1800 Photo1801 Photo1802 Photo1803 Photo1805 Photo1808 Photo1809

Microbe is my very first major project. It’s the toddler version by Miss Grant. The photos were taken by my mom behind-the-scenes. I was just two years old then. The location was at Ferrovie Creative at Carpi, Modena. I am still wearing diapers then. The other child model with me is Viviana. Time flies so fast. I am 6 years old now.