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Zendra’s Rule No. 24

Zendra’s Rule No. 24
If you can’t have it, steal it! =)


Zendra’s Rule No. 23

Zendra’s Rule No. 23

If you’ll have a party, leave it to the adults to prepare. Chances are you’ll end up dead tired.

“Why am i sleeping on the carpet Mamma?” =)


Zendra’s Rule No. 22


Zendra’s Rule No. 22
If you’re a fan, you don’t need to steal a picture of me. Sit down beside me and my Mom will do the rest. 

Zendra’s Rule No. 21

Zendra’s Rule No. 21: I’m not allowed to have credit cards. Just cash! =)

Zendra’s Rule No. 20

“kwinkle, kwinkle likakal. Aw i gang-ger what you are.”

(Zendra singing twinkle, twinkle little star)

Zendra’s Rule No. 20: It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand the words i’m saying. What matter is, my tune is always right. =)

Zendra’s Rule N. 19

am i cute enough?
borrowing my nanny’s sunglasses
Thanks, Tita Jona
Zendra’s Rule N. 19: Sometimes big is cute! =)

Zendra’s Rule N. 18

Zendra’s Rule N. 18:
“Don’t trust that i’m sleeping or playing. I’m just pretending i’m not looking where you hide your lipstick!”