Monthly Archives: February 2011

Zendra’s Rule No. 4

Zendra’s Rule No. 4: “When i color, forget the guide. I will make the tomato blue and the pumpkin red.”

Cover Kid


click this link to view the magazine!

what can i say? REAL PROUD!!!!

Zendra’s Rule No. 3

Zendra’s Rule No. 3: “If it’s plain and white i will write on it.”

Filled with Hearts


I just grabbed a few seconds here. Blurry though. I’m not really allowed, but the fotographers are so kind not to say NO. Told them it’s for my personal souvenir. Zendra has been a good/obedient model today! I wonder what will the magazine cover look like.

Zendra’s Rule No. 2

Playtime: red boots for the rain with red fairy wings, pajamas
uncombed hair and chocolate smears on face…

Zendra’s Rule No. 2: “When I Play, Mind your own business! I will wear anything i want”