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Day 31 of 365: Not In the Mood

Obviously, i am not in the mood to smile today.

I spilled my milk all over my dress.
See? i’m wet.
Mamma took right away some fotos before i
smile again.

Day 30 of 365: Red & White

do i look like a princess? i love this white and red dress!!! i haven’t use this for any fotoshoot. i haven’t wear this either in any ocassion. and i thought it’s smaller now for me. So, Mamma decided to dress me up today and had this private fotoshoot before it doesn’t fit me anymore… =)

Day 29 of 365: Parco di Trenno

We went to Parco di Trenno today. it’s my godmother’s (Melody) birthday. We had a barbecue party. I eat a lot of ice candy. I had fun at the kid’s amusement park there. You have to pay 6euro for the entrance fee, then you can play and ride everything you want. Cool!

Day 28 of 365: Navy Girl

My brother and i had fun today in dancing to the tune of “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams. Mamma had fun watching and taking pictures of me.
I like this navy-themed dress i’m wearing. My aunt Karen (Mamma’s sister) gave it to me. I guess it’s a bit shorter o smaller for me now. The silver headband is from my grandmother Nancy (Papi’s mother), while my silver shoes is from my grandmother Esther (Mamma’s mother)



Day 27 of 365: Blog Rating

Since this blog is all about me, obviously it’s classified as “G”, General Audiences.

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Day 26 of 365: PinK

It’s a PINK day today!

Pink dress,
pink sandals,
pink hair flower pin!
Mamma and i went out to buy
some vegetables at the supermarket.
The rain poured and fortunately, she always bring my stroller cover and umbrella. on our way back home, the elevator is blocked, so we use the stairs up. we lived on the 4th floor.
See? Mamma is not worried i might fall. I’m better in walking on stairs now.

fotos by MAMMA
Canon Ixus

Day 25 of 365: Checkered

i am wearing one of my favorite dresses today. it just becomes shorter for me now because i’m growing fast.

i love this checkered white and brown dress because it always reminds me of how i started with the modelling world. Thanks to my mother, for always believing in me and for all the efforts and support.

(Donna Moderna, November 10, 2010 Issue) i’m only 20 months here.

Day 24 of 365: Peach

I’m not talking about the peach fruit, but the color of the dress i’m wearing. This is not new. In fact, this is a hand-over dress from my cousin, Raya. She’s 5 years old, so all the clothes that are small for her now were handed to me.

Day 23 of 365: More Shoes

These are my latest shoes collection! Thanks to my grandmother, Esther who bought four of them. The other four were from Mamma.
I love wearing shoes!!!

Quote for Today: Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes. =)

Day 22 of 365: Family Day

Anna and Domenico

Sunday has to be a family day. Not necessarily every week, but when we have no occasions to go. we just go to the park. the weather is nice. so why waste it inside the house? as usual, we had fun. we watch a mini-show again held by the “comune di milano” inside the park where some kids (like me) had a great laugh. i also saw Mamma and some parents laughing. the big kids had their set of fun-play, and my big brother’s team won. he was so excited of the prize: an Invizimals album where he could put all his sticker collections.
i brought 4 balloons home and literally fall asleep!