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Holiday Break is Over


Well, well, well…the long vacation is over. Students are finally back to school today! This is my first drawing for 2016 during interval. “Mom & Me”. I’m obviously the one with the long hair. =)

I guess i still have a hang-over from the long break.


Much love,


Last Day of School

Last day of school today and our holiday break starts tomorrow. I know…lots of assignments to do, but i’m excited for Christmas just like every little kids around the world.


Friday Faces


It’s Friday! Make your wacky faces! =)

Happy Friday

2015-04-11 11.18.46 2015-04-11 11.18.55

Friday is my favorite day. It means no classes the next day! =)

My First Day In School


It’s Monday! First day of the school year.


I can’t wait to find new friends


Finally, the day has come! It’s my first day in school. It’s a rainy day, yet i’m too excited to go.


2 hours of class orientation and it’s time to go home.

I survived the first day. Wish me luck for the days to come. =)